[ISEA95] Artists Statement: Steve Gibson, Arthur Kroker, MariLouise Kroker, Mark Bell, Bert Deivert, David Kristian – Hacking the Future

Artists Statement

Electronic Cabaret Performance

Presenting virtuoso music for humans and machines, this performance seeks to overload the senses, seduce the mind, re-configure the virtual ear and splay it across the room.                    1st set: “Speed Spam” -an intense montage of text-audio-video-clips by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker and Steve Gibson, followed by live electronics by Steve Gibson and David Kristian.       2nd set: music from “SPASM” and “let the dead bury the living”, including the premiere of a video by Swedish film maker Bert Deivert.

  • Steve Gibson (Canada) is a technological composer and media artist specializing in computer music and interactive virtual audio.
  • Arthur & MariLouise Kroker (Canada) “Panic theorists for the end of the millennium, jay-walkers on the infobahn, data dandies cruising the pan-global shopping mall: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker are a double-act with a difference.” I-D magazine, London.
  • Mark Bell (USA) is a technological composer.
  • Bert Deivert (Sweden) is a filmmaker and musician.
  • David Kristian (Canada) is a technological composer