[ISEA95] Artists Statement: Kurt Hentschlager & Ulf Langheinrich (Granular Synthesis) – Motion Control Modell 5

Artists Statement

Electronic Cabaret Performance

Granular Synthesis have defined their work with video technology as an “audio-visual synthesizer”. Since 1992, they have developed “Modell” to present their investigations to the public. The motto of the current Modell 5 is motion control. The audience is confronted with four virtual clones of a human head re-animated by means of computer technology: a digital counter-design is generated on the basis of real-life actions by the performer Akemi Takeya. Each performance of Modell 5 is based on continuously developing basic material.

  • Granular Synthesis (Austria) was founded in 1991 by Kurt Hentschlager and Ulf Langheinrich. Since 1992, they have presented international performances of their “Modell” series in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and Nayoya, Japan where they won the Grand Prize at ARTEC ’95.