[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Wende Bartley — Ellipsis, Icebreak

Artist Statement


Ellipsis is a work for female singer and tape which seeks to embody a ritual celebration of women’s spiritual power and psychological empowerment. Three imagistic cycles emerge: The Age of Darkness, Creating a New Space, and The Age of Resonance. The singer performs with a wide variety of vocal sounds, and the tape part is constructed from sampled acoustic string sounds, FM synthesis, and multitrack layering of the voice of Fides Krucker.

[No info on Icebreak]

  • Wende Bartley (Canada) is a Toronto-based electroacoustic composer, she is currently composing the score for Still Moon on Fire, a music theatre work which combines acoustic and electroacoustic music in a spatialized sound environment, and an electroacoustic opera entitled Electric Flesh. Her work is available on the empreintes DIGITALes label.