[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Todor Todoroff — Rupture d’equilibre

Artist Statement


The composer plays in real time with the physical parameters (mass, gravity, forces) of a virtual pendulum which, in turn, triggers sounds according to its speed and position. Perceiving it only through the sounds it makes, one gets the feeling of “real” movement. Depending on the parameters’ values and on the sounds used, the results are either rather organic or very machine-like. An hypnotic swing plays hide and seek with sounds and memory, creating an atmosphere where nothing remains certain…

  • Todor Todoroff (Belgium) is a composer of electroacoustic music and head of Computer Music Research at the Polytechnic Facultyand the Royal Conservatory in Mons (Belgium). He is a founding member of the Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music (FeBeME) and of ARTeM studio. Prize winner at the Prix International Noroit (France, 1991).