[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Steven M. Miller — The Shadow of the Mosque / Mantra-Pande

Artist Statement


The Shadow of the Mosque is a variation on the soundscape which surrounded me during a year-long stay in Central Java, Indonesia. Processed soundscape recordings, transfigured Tibetan Buddhist horns, Catholic funeral hymns in Javanese, all represent profound elements from my aural frame-of-mind. Mantra-Pande is a tape piece utilizing samplers, analog and digital signal processing, brass bells, and soundscape recordings. A Panda is a member of the fire and metal working clan of Hindu Bali. In preparation for forging the iron and bronze ceremonial daggers and musical instruments, a period of intense spiritual preparation takes place.

  • Steven M. Miller (USA) is a native of Seattle (Washington), this composer/performer of electro-acoustic music and currently Director of the Contemporary Music Program at College of Santa Fe (New Mexico).