[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Stephan Eichhorn & K.P. Ludwig John — Die Veteranen: An Art Project for CD-ROM

Artist Statement

This work is a fantasy game, a visit to the movies, an exhaustive catalogue of four-letter words, interviews with representatives of five continents. All this is the beginning of a voyage of discovery. The observer decides how to interact with the program and creates his or her own story. “Die Veteranen” are interactive players equipped with constantly changing faces. A free interaction between computer and observer becomes possible. There is no goal and no established plot. The focus is on the observer discovering the unknown.

  • Stephan Eichhorn (Germany) studied manufacturing and machine tools at the University of Dresden, is a certified engineer and, since 1991 a software developer for Apple Macintosh computers. Together with Tjark Ihmels, Michael Touma and KP Ludwig John, he is a member of Die Veteranen, based in Leipzig, where he also provides assistance at the Department of Media Art of the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst.
  • K.P. Ludwig John, Germany. Recently guest lecturer at the California Institute for the Arts and associate director at the Medienbiennale in Leipzig, he studied in Utrecht, NL, was in residence at Banff, Canada and the Bauhaus Dessau, Germany. His works have most recently been exhibited in Cannes, San Francisco, Berlin, Kassel and Nagoya. Together with artists Tjark Ihmels, Michael Touma and Stephan Eichhorn, he is now a member of Die┬áVeteranen, based in Leipzig, Germany.