[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Ross Harley — Orchestrated Landscapes

Artist Statement

This video and slide presentation will focus on a number of multimedia installations I have worked on since 1993. Starting with the Digital Garden series (1992) and ending with the Drive: Motion Landscapes (1995) project, the talk highlights the use of multi-channel video and computer-aided systems to create complex audio-visual environments concerned with the nature of the artificial environment in the latter part of this century.

  • Ross Harley (Australia) is a Sydney-based artist and writer who crashes old and new media into the history and future of design. He has created videos and art projects for exhibition since 1986, and has made a number of innovative videos on the work of contemporary artists. His own media projects have been widely exhibited in Australia and abroad. He has written widely on music, cinema, art, and popular culture, is a former editor of the critical journal ART+TEXT. He presently lectures in Theatre/Film Studies at the University of New South Wales. Harley was executive director of TISEA (ISEA92).