[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Ron Saito — Adam Naming the Animals

Artist Statement

This is an interactive artwork that combines 2-D and 3-D art, animation, music, sound and the recorded spoken word to engage the viewer in a unique multimedia experience. The user clicks on a drawing in one corner of the screen: it becomes alive and a spoken narrative begins. The user clicks on another area: the page transforms and now a sculpture rotates in the foreground. The artwork is dynamic, fluid, responsive. It evokes the qualities of a hierarchic domain where ideas become reality, thoughts become words and feelings become images. The work is based on my research on simulated environments, leading me to the view that it is not literal verisimilitude that is important as much as the embedding of an author’s viewpoint within a structure that allows for freedom of interpretation. Adam Naming the Animals asks the viewer to participate and become a co-constructor of experience.

  • Ron Saito (USA) is an artist, technologist and educator. He holds an MFA in studio art and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in instructional systems technology.