[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Philippe Boissonnet – La conscience des limites

Artist Statement

The installation La conscience des limites (Gaia) includes a steel hemispheric structure, 8 multi-colour rainbow holograms, as well as an interactive light control system which divide the viewing space in two parts by means of a sonar signal. This is a work relating to our archetypal representations of the terrestrial globe. GAZA, the mother planet, is evoked through the holographic and luminous alternance of images and the mental model of the Earth is called into question, in a state of survival and uncertainty

  • Philippe Boissonnet. Born in Neuilly sur Seine, France, in 1957. Graduated in visual arts from the Fine Arts School of Angers, France (1980), the University of Quebec at Montreal (1983) and the University of Paris I-La Sorbonne (1988). He is presently teaching at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, and lives in Montreal, Canada.