[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Mechthild Schmidt — Stochastic Dance

Artist Statement


From a live duet I generated an ensemble using multiple digital image processing and composite generations. Immanent to the chaos is a principle of order that leads to brief moments of harmony in rhythmic intervals. The metaphor of flying is a base of my work. The revolving quote from”Thus spoke Zarathustra” (Nietzsche) paraphrases the spirit of lightness that one does not fly into flying. It takes one to learn how to stand, walk, jump, …and dance before flying. To achieve a lightness of mind, freeing the thoughts from pragmatic truths. The simulation of reality fragments woven into a synthetic context offers this freedom by denying an absolute truth. (Choreography: Patrice Regnier/RUSH Dance; stochastic concept: Tom Brigham/NYIT).

  • Mechthild¬†Schmidt¬†is a German living in New York. She has worked with 2D and 3D animation as an artist and designer for 11 years and shown his works at festivals in the US, Europe and Japan.