[ISEA95] Artist Statement: McKenzie Wark — Virtual Antipodes: Aspects of Australian New Media Art

Artist Statement

This presentation provides an overview of some exciting directions new media artists have explored in Australia in the last few years. The paper is a case study on how the creation of a certain institutional environment results in the production of certain kinds of work. Both the strengths and weaknesses of Australian work will be discussed—its theoretical and self-critical sophistication as well as the technological dependency that results from being on the periphery of the emergent military-entertainment complex. The peripheral location of Australian artists has traditionally been a strong theme in Australian literature and visual art, but in new media art, this ‘tyranny of distance’ on the physical terrain is doubled and re-configured as an awareness of relations of centre and periphery in the mediated, virtual relations of transnational media.

  • McKenzie Wark (Australia) is a lecturer in international communications at Macquarie
    University in Sydney as well as contributing Editor to 21 *C and World Art magazines. He is a columnist on communications and higher education for The Australian newspaper and is a producer for ABC Radio National in Australia.