[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Masa Inakage — Fantastic Dreams, Conituum, Crystal Paradise

Artist Statement


Fantastic Dreams: This work explores the world of abstract realism. Two-dimensional image-processing techniques are combined with three-dimensional rendering of animation. The work is about my dreams.

Continuum: We are surrounded by a constantly changing world. This world belongs to the universe, which has been in existence for a long, long time. Our lives are so short, like a single flash of light, that we, humans can neither imagine nor understand. Yet, we encounter so much laughter and sorrow. At any moment in time, people are born and die. People die because of diseases, wars, and murders. We never seem to understand “peace”. This abstract animation work is produced to expresses these personal messages. The images do not resemble any scenes from the real world. They are all synthesized and artificial.

Crystal Paradise: This work explores surrealistic animation. An infinite reflection model creates a mirror environment. The work depicts the world of my dreams. When you reach out to touch something in the dream, it moves away like a mirage. We are often deceived by the real world, as if our material world of economic systems is the ultimate goal. We strive for money and social position. Our pure and honest heart is whispering in our dreams that there is something more precious than plutocracy.

  • Masa Inakage (Japan) is president of The Media Studio Inc. His art works and research papers have been published internationally. His interests include the integration of sound and visual elements.