[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Marie-Helene Parant — La Femme du Marais

Artist Statement

The artistic inspiration for this work comes largely from the author’s readings in mythology, psychoanalysis and semiology. Her preoccupations are of a symbolic nature. For her, this work is a tribute to women, the place they have carved at this end of the century, taking more than 3,000 years to see Venus reborn and admired in all her dignity! This work is made up of 35mm photos scanned onto a CD-Rom and processed on a computer using Photoshop.

  • Marie-Helene Parant (Canada) is a multidisciplinary artist for the past 15 years. She has been working with paintings, performance, video, radio, installation, photo and computer graphics since 1987. Her projects combine these elements in the exploration of interactivity. She recently won two First prizes at computer image Festivals held in Italy and Finland. Besides lecturing in computer graphics at Montreal’s Dawson College, she is a freelance computer graphics, television, print and multimedia artist.