[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Marie-Christiane Mathieu — Solaris

Artist Statement

This work is the result of a research on the permanence of holograms placed in natural climatic conditions. It is a cubic holosculpture of which each side is a holographic screen showing fleeting images linked to the movement of the sun.

  • Marie-Christiane Mathieu (Canada)┬áis artist, holographer and researcher. She worked in holography since 1980. During the past three years, she has developed a cineholographic system, produced a holographic sculpture for the Casino de Montreal, encrusted a large hologram in the floor of a business centre, undertook a study for the completion of the Solaris project directed by Jurgen Claus. A founding member and vice-president of the Centre d’art holographique et photonique de Montreal, she has published numerous articles on holography and light.