[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Marc Tremblay — Chronique du disque

Artist Statement


This piece is a dialogue between a turntable manipulator and an electroacoustician at a sound console. Using scratches, bumps, varying speeds and collages, they improvise in order to integrate the sonic matter of vinyl records, an outdated technology and reuse it as a new instrument for artists in search of innovation. At the turntable: Martin Tetreault, a vinyl dj sonic composer working in theatre, visual arts, performances and music. An ACREQ commission with the support of the Canada Council, with thanks to Lynda Clouette, Alain Thibault, Radio-Canada, Mario Gauthier, Raffi Armenian, Henri Bergeron, Edgar Fruitier and Ginette Bellavance.

  • Marc Tremblay (Canada). This electroacoustic music composer studied percussion and composition at the music conservatories of Chicoutimi and Montreal. He writes for instruments and tapes while trying to integrate his medium into the realm of improvised music. Artist-in-residence in Bourges (1990), First prize of Radio Canada’s young composers and the SDE competitions, Honorable mention at Luigi Russolo, he is a great fan of drugs, likes to play GO and the Saren-Sei overture when he plays black…