[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Mara Helmuth — Mellipse

Artist Statement


This work is concerned with transformations between timbre and pitch. Five sound masses are transformed primarily by an elliptical filter. The sound masses were created by sampling a spoon hitting a pot lid. This source sound was stretched, reversed and transposed and then layered to produce the sound masses. Other Cmix processing involved room simulation and flanging to create a sensation of a slow pulsing timbre. This work perhaps reflects the Buddhist and Taoist ideas of a connection between the one, the “self” and the many manifestations in the world.

  • Mara Helmuth (USA)┬áis a computer music composer teaching at Texas A&M University. She received her DMA in composition from Columbia University in 1994. She is presently an Assistant Professor in the Music Program, Texas A&M University, teaching electronic/ computer music and technology. She has previously been affiliated with the music departments of New York University, Columbia University and the University of Illinois.