[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Louis Veillette, Jimmy Lakatos & Yves Labelle – i/o

Artist Statement

Electronic Cabaret Performance

A mixture between raves, poetry, video, contemporary art and media criticism, the collaborative and chaotic creative process of the local multimedia group Synergie offers a technological entertainment that has the curious laughing, provokes the bored and has you thinking while dancing. Created for ISEA 95 with minimal ressources, I/O’s will be the occasion to unveil the results of their latest foray into the musical domain. The visuals accompanying the show and the rest of the evening will definitely show a touch of satyricism towards the “technology as an answer to all our problems” so often met these days.

  • Louis Veillette (Canada) is a programmer and media artist. He worked with l’Ecran Humain, the Momentum theatre troupe, the Theatre de Quat¬Sous and Images du Futur before founding Synergie with his two buddies. . Collaborator at the Montreal weekly Hour and at Radio-Centre Ville, he travels in and around ISEA and Synergie sites on the World Wide Web. He was last seen at dawn dancing to techno music with abandon.
  • Jimmy Lakatos (Canada) is multimedia designer and co­founder of the Synergie collective. He was technical coordinator at PRIM, a video production studio for several years. In the field of media arts, he acts like a networking idea machine, a sounding of new techno-ideologies and a broadcaster of raw material. This is one of the reasons he has been approached by Jean Frederik Messier pour Helter Skelter, Carole Nadeau, Isabelle Choiniere et Palomar, among others.
  • Yves Labelle, Canada. For the past five years, he has worked as coordinator and consultant with the multimedia art centre PRIM. As independent videomaker, he created Pomme Process, Liquid Transe and Dreamachine, shown in Canada and in Europe. He is the principal visual creator at Synergie. Last January, the Oboro Gallery exhibited his latest video installation, Mediamorphose.