[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Keith Piper — Reckless Eyeballing

Artist Statement

This installation uses an interactive sound and video system to explore three representational categories (sportsman, musician, threat) while underlining the presumptive power of the Black male gaze. It centres upon a single large video monitor or video projection placed at one end of the gallery On the monitor is a closely cropped head of a black male, staring into space, occasionally shifting, with constantly changing backgrounds. Facing this monitor are three lecterns set on low wooden bases from which animated heads launch into verbal anecdotes exploring different aspects of black male visibility in humorous, provocative or confrontational ways.

  • Keith Piper (UK) is a British multimedia artist who began as a sound artist. He now creates interactive and video installation works throughout the world_ For example, he recently participated in the Havana Biennial,┬árepresenting Britain and is a featured artist at the upcoming Video Positive, UK. His work considers black masculine subjectivity through medic imagery.