[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Keith Hamel — Traces for Clarinet and Interactive Electronics

Artist Statement


Traces is the third in a series of compositions for soloist and interactive electronics. The electronic requirements of these pieces are kept to a minimum. A Macintosh computer, a pitch-to-MIDI converter and a single commercial sythesizer. Software, written using the Max programming language, responds to the live performance, and controls all aspects of the electroacoustic sounds that are produced by the synthesizer. The piece explores the relation between melody and harmony by granularizing and rapidly repeating the melodic material presented by the clarinet.

Traces was commissioned by Jean-Guy Boisvert with the assistance of the Canada Council.

  • Keith Hamel (Canada)is a composer and music software developer. His works have been performed by many of the finest soloists and ensembles both in Canada and abroad. He has received commissions from IRCAM and the Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris, the Vancouver New Music Ensemble and the Elektra Women’s Choir. His compositions focus on interaction between live performers and computer-controlled electronics. He is currently professor of composition at the University of British Columbia.