[ISEA95] Artist Statement: John Neill — Chance, Time Capsule

Artist Statement


Chance: This cell and model animation uses live action and is set around a pinball machine. When the ball hits a certain compartment, the animation inside begins. Each compartment symbolizes a negative or positive aspect of life.

Time Capsule: This one-minute cell and computer animation in live action was based on the techniques of drawing and painting. It is a moving painting. I wanted the viewer to examine the animating image. That is why I closed in on the details of the overall composition.

  • John Neill (Scotland) is a freelance designer and videographer. He holds a diploma in graphic design, a BA in drawing and painting and a postgraduate diploma in electronic imaging from Duncan of Jordanstone College at the University of Dundee. He plans to work in telegraphics, editing and cell animation combined with live action. Some of his short animation works were shown at the Royal Society of Art Exhibition in 1993.