[ISEA95] Artist Statement: John Duesenberry — WaveBreak

Artist Statement


These lines from John Ashberry’s Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror describe the behavior of the sound objects I worked with: “Like a wave breaking upon a rock, giving up its shape in a gesture which expresses that shape”. Events in WaveBreak are nearly devoid of any steady-state; each event evolves continuously toward the next, the outcome remaining uncertain until the event has already passed. This concentration upon the unfolding of individual sounds results in a kind of monody, although at some points more than one soundstream is presented.

  • John Duesenberry (USA). This Boston-based composer and software engineer has been active in electroacoustic music since the 1970’s. He first studied computer music at the Massachussets Institute of Technology in 1979 and now pursues this interest in his private studio. He recently joined the AVID Audiovision DAW development group as a software engineer.