[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Ian Haig — Anthropoid of genus Geekoid (stills from the animation “Astroturf”)

Artist Statement

This work is drawn from the animation in progress Astroturf which tells the story of how humans are de-evolving through their interaction with new technology. My work is an attempt to re-define the “graphic” in 3D computer graphic aesthetics, while drawing on a broad range of graphic influences and sensibilities, from cartoons, 1950’s sci-fi, experimental animation, comic books, movies, computer games, to fine art, low art and anything else in between.

  • Ian Haig (Australia). Born in 1964, this computer animator and new media artist has exhibited and screened his work at ARTEC 95 in Japan, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, SIGGRAPH ’93, and TISEA in Sydney (Australia). He is currently working on a new animation project called Astroturf and lecturing in computer animation at RMIT, Melbourne.