[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Gerfried Stocker — Eprom: The Aesthetics Of Disappearance

Artist Statement

The macrophotograph of a silicon memory chip is digitized and stored in an external EPROM which is continuously read by a computer. The pictorial information contained in it is displayed on the computer monitor. The EPRPOM is placed in front of the computer monitor with its light protection removed, and is thus irradiated by the light from the computer image. The memory content of the EPROM is progressively destroyed. Contemplation of its own image dissolves the information of which it is composed. Realization: x-space

  • Gerfried Stocker¬†(Austria) is an independent artist whose work focuses on human-computer interaction and cultural aspects of technology. In 1991, Stocker co-founded x-space, a team of artists and engineers (Fuchs, Hess, Maierhofer, Reinisch, Schitter, Schmiederer and Szylagi) motivated towards the realization of interdisciplinary projects using multimedia systems, robotics and telecommunication systems. Since 1992, they have exhibited their artwork on the World Wide Web and at all the major venues in Europe and¬†America (Sevilla, Kassel, Bonn, Lugano, Cologne, Venice, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Orlando, Helsinki) and taken part in the majority of ISEA symposiums.