[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Fides Krucker, Trevor Tureski & Daniel Scheidt — Tempting Ghosts

Artist Statement


This work is an interactive software composition for voice and percussion (sacred objects stepped on). On stage, musicians evoke and respond to musical behaviours defined by the composer’s software (people glimpsed through hotel windows). The result is a real-time collaboration between performers, software, instruments, and any tempted spirits (hidden marks of beauty). This work was commissioned with the assistance of the Canada Council. Daniel Scheidt -software; Erin Michie – text; Fides Krucker -voice; Trevor Tureski – percussion.

  • Fides Krucker (Canada) is a performer who uses classical, extended and non-western techniques in her committment to extend the boundaries of contemporary vocal music. Her stage work include composers Metcalf, Schafer, Dresher, Vivier, Weins and Underhill and her concert repertoires range from classics by Schoenberg and Berio to commissioned electroacoustic and chamber works. She is a founding member of the all female, interdiciplinary collective URGE.
  • Daniel Scheidt, Canada. This independent composer studied music and computing science, was past director of the Simon Fraser University Computer Art Intensive Program. Pursuing an active interest in software as a compositional medium, his interactive works deal with the convergence of improvisation and formal systems.
  • Trevor Tureski (Canada) is a percussionist living in Toronto. He is active with several new music organizations and has commissioned numerous works for percussion and electroacoustics.