[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Dominique de Bardonneche-Berglund — Eaux d’images-Ophelies

Artist Statement

Perfume is forgetful of the flower. Similarly, these images, drained of their essential elements by digitization, are fragments, the very essence of these images. Work with a computer dematerializes the image. The virtual and nomadic image is the site of all possible formal transformations. Work on this fugitive, immaterial image creates a new relationship with the body. The labyrinthine universe of the image corresponds to a construction which is no longer the projection of a way of seeing onto a canvas, but a blind process, a strategy in face of the established systems. This “look without a view” calls upon other feelings and mobilizes other emotions.

  • Dominique de Bardonneche-Berglund (Switzerland) is an art historian and artist. She has worked with the Macintosh since 1984, when she discovered that the computer can become “an image composter”. She holds an Arts Degree from the Universite d’Aix en Provence (France) and received a diploma in transdisciplinary studies from CeTeC, Paris-Dauphine (1994). She specializes in Middle Age archeology, and is a self-taught painter who experiments with various techniques.