[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Darren Copeland — In A Visible Darkness, Reaching For Tomorrow

Artist Statement


In a Visible Darkness uses sounds which originate from collaborations with Pink Ink Theatre and Ghanaian musician-dancer Modesto Amegago. You are in a concert hall. The lights have been dimmed. It is time to listen for images. In effect, it is time to hear what is normally seen. The acousmatic story-tellers and listeners see the “music” the same way that Homer “saw” a sunrise.

Reaching For Tommorrow was composed in the spring and summer of 1995 at the Simon Fraser University Sonic Studio.

  • Darren Copeland¬†(Canada)¬†is an electroacoustic composer whose phonograms for the media of acousmatic tape, theatre, dance, and radio explore the imagistic¬†properties of environmental sounds. He studied with Barry Truax and Martin Bartlett at Simon Fraser University. An excerpt from his radiophonic adaptation of John Hull’s autobiography Touching The Rock will soon appear on the Radius CD series.