[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Dan Zer0 — Angelus Novus 4.01

Artist Statement

I am interested in how artists can employ digital technology as a medium to explore their traditional obsessions such as the meaning of power, desire and death. A computer is the ideal instrument for causing meanings to collide, fluctuate and flow into each other—and to play with the tension between authenticity and simulation in the space between intention and chance. Each viewer/user navigates a unique path through a digital collage of layers and loops of appropriated images, sounds, voices and texts.

  • Dan Zer0 (Australia) was educated at Sydney College of the Arts and has been making interactive computer works since 1989. He is a writer and teacher and a member of The Nihilists, a post-garage-folk-punk band. His favourite colour is vermilion and his favourite food is Quarterpounders. His ambition is to die in his sleep.