[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Bill Seaman — Passage Sets: One Pulls Pivots At The Tip Of The Tongue

Artist Statement

This work creates a poetic network that deals with notions of sensuality in cyberspace. A “set” of stills with superimposed poetic texts forms a series of panoramas on a data projector. The viewer navigates this architectural/spatial poem by clicking on a different part of the image/ screen. A separate (moving) video is triggered from this same menu and a third screen presents a generator which automatically generates a new poem by selecting works from the “mapped” spaces, and re-ordering them every fifteen seconds. This project was completed with funds granted through the SIEMENS Stipendium at the ZKM- Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe Germany. Programming by Christian Ziegler. Special Thanks to Jeffrey Shaw.

Bill Seaman (USA) received a Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT in 1985. His work explores language, image and sound relationships through video, videodisc, photography, and studio-based audio compositions. He is currently Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Academic Digital Technology in Time-Based Arts at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia.