[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Axel Mulder — Sensing the Art: Facilitating the Creation of Interactive Art

Artist Statement

[Note: this is the abstract for Mulder’s paper ‘The iCube system: Moving towards sensor technology for Artists’]

Interaction can be defined as an intelligent response, in terms of changing lights, sounds, music, images, animation, moving objects etc., to an action by a performer, a member of the audience or the natural environment. To add such interaction to their art or performances, artists have to engage in a costly and difficult dialogue with highly-skilled technical persons to realize their ideas. Three types of systems can be identified upon analyzing the resulting art. Interactive Installations, Interactive Performance Spaces, and Wearable Interactive Performance Systems. A data acquisition and processing system based on MIDI and MAX is proposed to facilitate for the artist the design of these types of art.

  • Axel Mulder (Netherlands) is a musician who designs interactive art systems. He is writing a doctoral thesis on gestural control at the School of Kinesiology of Simon Fraser University, (Canada) and is a member of the review board of Leonardo. He has researched the field of neuro-motor systems, written a science research project to develop a sensor for the measurement of flexion and extension of hand joints, and developed a piezo-electric sensor for a hand gesture interface.