[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Alessandro Cipriani — In Memory of a Recorder

Artist Statement


This three-movement work is part of an ongoing research on the theme of the body and its absence in listening to music. All of the sounds (electronically elaborated) originate from a bass recorder. The piece is presented with a real recorder on a stand, the audience around it, and four loudspeakers around the audience. It was realized with the PODX system at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby (Canada) and at Agon in Milan (Italy) using real-time granular synthesis and block-reading technique.

  • Alessandro Cipriani (Italy)  received a Diploma in Electroacoustic Music from the Conservatory of Rome and attended courses given by Truax and Branchi. He teaches electroacoustic music at Bellini Musical Institute, Catania. He received a Mention at Bourges in 1993, was a finalist at Newcomp in 1991, and in 1995 received a Fellowship from the Canadian Government.