[ISEA95] Artist Statement: alcides Ianza & Meg Sheppard — Vôo (Flight 1992-I)

Artist Statement


Vôo is dedicated to the “nautas cosmicos, acuaticos e intelectuales.” – the discoverers and explorers of the universe, the seas or the mind. With the multilingual text being treated in a kaleidoscopic way, the composer tells the story of the opening of a new world – complete with the beauty and tragedy of unintended consequences.

  • alcides Ianza. This Canadian-Argentinean is composer, pianist, conductor, concert organizer, professor at McGill University, and director of the EMS at McGill. He feels a special mission in encouraging and providing forums for the interchange of music and ideas among the countries of the Americas. His new CD, Music from the Americas, Vol.2: The extended piano, is the latest in a series of concerts and recordings featuring this music.
  • Meg Sheppard (Canada) has an active international career, presenting works which incorporate both theatre and music, as well as an exploration of new vocal techniques and electronic applications in live performance. Her work reflects a desire to search for eloquence and expressiveness through the use of diverse media.