[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Alan Koeninger — Megalopolis

Artist Statement

Megalopolis is a simulated and animated maze that can be run on the Macintosh computer. It is located underground and critically examines the effect of space on the human condition. The “viewer” of the artwork does not interact with it, but becomes sensitive to the urban space while trying to navigate through the environment. Disorientation features predominantely in contemporary urban space, the human body becomes confused with its simulated surroundings. Faceless people are caught dissolving into the cold fabric of urban space and recesses.

  • Alan Koeninger¬†(Australia) is a¬†visual artist from Australia currently working as a lecturer in Computer-Aided Art at the Canberra School of Art, Institute of the Arts at the Australian National University. His research involved the integration of computer technology whith traditional materials and computer-based interactive multimedia artwork.