[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Alain Thibault — Le cauchemar climatisé

Artist Statement


A musical composition for marimba and tape, its sonic sources are quotes from Varese and loops from various industrial sources pushed to the extreme limit of distortion. The sound of the marimba is thus transformed to merge with the tape. A work such as this could not have been possible without the complicity of its performer, Daniel Pancaldi (first North American graduate marimba artist) for whom it was created.

  • Alain Thibault (Canada) was born in Quebec. The music of this composer has been presented in Canada and abroad by the SMCQ, ACREQ, Chants Libres, New Music Concerts, the Canadian Electronic Ensemble and Autumn Leaf. He has composed for theatre production (for Gilles Maheu of Carbone 14), art videos (for Francois Girard) and multimedia works. He teaches computer music at l’Universite de Sherbrooke and is currently Artistic Director of ACREQ.