[TISEA 1992] Artist Statement: Yoshiyuki Abe – Communication: Dawn (1990), Communication: Horizon (1991)and Mathscene #906 (1990)

Artist Statement

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Cibachrome prints 50x70cm

In 1983, the quaternion images produced by Alan Norton shocked me with features that I had never imagined before. I felt I looked at the place I had to be. An unsatisfied photographer with real objects before the camera lens started `his computer-imaging project immediately.

All works exhibited here were generated by ray-tracing algorithms and primitives of hyperbolic-paraboloids. Although we can define parameters such as colours, light sources, surface attrib-utes and so on, it is hard to predict the exact result — especially in abstracts provided by the complicated ray behavour. Many trial images are needed in order to create a work. In fact, I produce numerous images in this time-consum-ing process. Nevertheless, because it is capable of producing images we have never seen before, math-based imaging is the only method I use in computer graphics.

  • Yoshiyuki Abe, Japan. “Each one with its muse… For Yoshiyuki Abe, Japanese, it does not have nothing more beautiful than a graph. Hiperbola and parabola are the fort of its work, algorithm of the start to the end. What he does not mean that Abe is not an experimentalist. Without spending ink, it if he dedicates to the research with its subjective materials. The fetching of a language pc hacker imposes countless “pinceladas” in bits & bytes. — In the truth, I make many pictures of tests. The possibilities are as much that are difficult to guess the final form”.  _Admar Branco (Computer science now attacks of `arteira ‘ the GLOBE, 25 Jan 1993).                          Cada um com sua musa… Para o japones Yoshiyuki Abe, não há nada mais belo que um gráfico. Hipérboles e parábolas são o forte de seu trabalho, algoritmizado do começo ao fim. O que não significa que Abe não seja um experimentalista. Sem gastar tinta, ele se dedica à pesquisa com seus materiais subjetivos. A busca de uma linguagem micreira impõe incontáveis “pinceladas” em bits & bytes. — Na verdade, faço muitas imagens de testes. São tantas as possibilidades que fica difícil adivinhar a forma final“. _Admar Branco (Informática ataca agora de `arteira’ O GLOBO, 25 Jan 1993).