[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Lanny Webb – Illusions of reality

Artist Statement

A little over three weeks ago I attended the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles. For almost a week I wandered through the exhibition floor viewing sometimes extraordinary new technology with a feeling of awe. I remembered my last SIGGRAPH of five years ago, and I was overwhelmed with the incredible changes that had taken place in that short time. My excitement, however, came with a heavy dose of apprehension as I was also constantly confronted with the reality of how little I know. I was reminded of walking the midway of my county fair as a child. Gaping at the colorful and exotic entrances to “Egyptian Ella, lady of a thousand veils” or” The Alligator Man, raised by alligators from birth” I can still hear my mother say, “Don’t look in there; you don’t want to see that.” But now that I have the dubious title of “adult,” I am free to go in every booth. I retired every evening that week with the feeling that my hard drive was full and with the haunting suspicion that my mother was probably right.

This presentation will demonstrate the transition of images from their original reference photographs to a final result resulting from computer modification. The session will be highlighted by a series of slides showing the progressional stages of turning daytime photographs into the illusion of a nightime scene

  • Lanny Webb (USA) is Coordinator of Electronic Design, Coordinator of Illustration and an Associate Professor at the School of Art, University of Georgia. He received a Masters of Visual Arts in Graphic Design from Georgia State University (1974) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Photography from the Atlanta College of Art (1972). He has received numerous outstanding grants and has exhibited his work in over fifty international and national exhibitions.