[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Lynn Hershman – A Room of One’s Own

Artist Statement

In this work, the spectator can glance, through the eye of the movable periscope, at the objects of a woman’s room; they can interact with this woman, present to the screen: according to whichever object is looked at the bed, the clothes, she will undress or dress herself. The spectators however are only experiencing on illusion of control and of voyeurism: they will be frustrated. Breaking traditional narrative structures, the author manipulates electronic language in order to explore social archetypes. A presentation of the art gallery La Centrale as part of De la Lumiere an Exhibition organized in collabaration with Dare-dare, Daziboo and SKOL for the 1995 Mois de la Photo.

  • Lynn Hershman (USA) is an artist who uses many mediums and is credited with creating the first interactive laserdisc artwork, Lorna. This year, she received The Annie Gerber Award, The Cyberstar Award and the ZKM Media Arts Award. She is a professor of Electronic Art at the University of California at Davis and recently had a retrospective at the National Gallery of Canada. Her accomplishments include more than thirty videos distributed internationally.