[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Bernard Caillaud – Image et Forme Temporelle

Artist Statement

This work is the fruit of research carried out at the Art-Science interface concerning relationships between the sonic and visual domains. Sound objects are digitized and submitted to a sonographic analysis. The scientific images thus obtained are reworked within particular esthetic perspective and result in Cibrachrome images. Sound is transplanted to the visual domain without any cognitive intention. The problem lies in the pertinence of the translation of forms from sensorial field to another.

  • Bernard Caillaud was trained as a physicist, has been active as a sculptor and photographer and holds a Doctorate in Arts and Sciences of Art from the Sorbonne. After twenty years dedicated to painting, he has turned towards the computer as a generator of images and presents his “digital painting assisted by photography” via slide projections. He has exhibited his audio-visual and other works widely in France and internationally. He teaches and gives lectures and seminars on colour, the scientific imagery and sculptural creation.