[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Paul Brown – The Deluge (After Leonardo)

Artist Statement

This continues a series of images that began in 1974 which explore the potentials of marking complex images from very simple marks. The image was created using geomatric tools in Adobe Freehand, and then converted in Photoshop for resterisation and further images processing. I remain concerned about the metphorical allusions, that are embedded in these software tools. I believe that unconsidered use of such tools encourages the proliferation of “post modernist” illusion and appropration. In my own work, I hope to build a bridge between modernist concerns with “intrinsic” qualities of the computational metamedium and these “simulatory” qualities of metaphor-based “user-friendly” technology.

  • Paul Brown is an artist who has been using computer technology for over twenty years. Since 1992, he has edited the art and technology netnews service, FineArt Forum.