[ISEA95] Paper: Jean Paul Longavesne – Machines à peindre et informatique picturale: Ironie de I’art digital?


After an historic overview of the idea of computer art, the author envisages the return to the flexible sign through digital works. The development of communication networks, the hypermediatization of our society, as well as the invasion of electromagnetic space by images, sounds, and videos, and the hybridization of digital and analog, generate virtual spaces where artists find themselves invested with the power of omnipresence. The author poses the question of representation: memory spaces, screen spaces, spaces for representation, as support for images bringing together the preoccupations of the group.

  • Jean Paul Longavesne. Professor at the University de Paris XI, Orsay Campus, France; network artist using the pseudonym Quark; Director of Art+Com Gallery (Paris network art gallery); computer imaging theorist.

Full text (in french) p.172-176