[ISEA95] Paper: Jake – World utopian process [W.U.P.]: Ethique de la Creation


This work is a planetary and interplanetary system installed in several cities (Paris, New York, Montreal, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney) and on the moon and other linked planets. This system allows for the capture, transformation and rebroadcast over long distances of any dynamic material reflected by light. WUP suggests a radically new representation of the globe and space. Video monitors receive the continuous flux of Volex Light, fluid paintings, a global but perfectly utopian capture of the planet and the universe. WUP gives the spectator a fountain of real time (via satellite) and time-shifted images (via the Internet).

  • Jake, Atelier 43, Paris, France. In addition to an architecture degree from the University of Warsaw, she has studied at The School of Fine Arts and the Conservatory of Music in Warsaw, and at IRCAM and INA/GRM in Paris. Some of her work was exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou (1985), the Observatoire de Paris (1994), the Centre Culturel Francais of Oslo (1994) and the Salon du Timbre, Parc Floral in Paris (1994).

Full text (in french) p.124-129