[ISEA95] Panel: Elizabeth Goldring – Imaging directly on the retina

Panel Statement

Panel: Sharing Subjectivities

This presentation describes the first internet access for the visually challenged. The intention is to keep my highly damaged visual sense active by using the Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) as a “seeing device” to enjoy visual poetry and even communication over the Internet. I constructed poems and poem animations (in HyperCard) for the SLO. Recently we hooked up an SLO to a Mac AV computer accessed to the Internet. In this paper, I will describe my results using video documentation. I will suggest that via the SLO, communication — even over great distance — is possible that allows visually challenged persons to see a poem or a child’s face, a micro­organism, a quasar, or a star.

  • Elizabeth Goldring (USA) is an artist, poet and Fellow at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies in Boston. She suffers from an eye disease known as proliferative retinopathy.

Full text p.89-91