[ISEA95] Panel: Frances Dyson – Sharing Subjectivities: Exploring new concepts of interface design Panel Introduction

Panel Statement

Panel: Sharing Subjectivities

Can technology be used to pry open new viewports to the previously invisible, inaccessible and private subjective domains of sensation, emotion and thought? This roundtable explores new concepts of interface design resulting concepts of interface design resulting from socio-political discourses arising from dematerialization and virtualization of the body.

  • Dr. Frances Dyson (Australia)¬†is a practicing media artist and theorist with specialties in sound and new media. Her audio artwork has been aired internationally, and she has exhibited installation works in North America, Australia and Japan. Many of her works have been commissioned and aired by the Listening Room, ABC Radio, and recent sound art can be heard on the CD Ding Dong Deluxe, (Avatar), Quebec. Dyson has also published and lectured widely in Australia and overseas in the field of media arts criticism, and is currently researching issues related to arts practice and new media technologies. She has recently contributed to Immersed in Technology (Banff Centre/MIT Press, forthcoming), Leonardo Music Journal, 21 C, and Critical Issues in Electronic Media (ed. Simon Penny, SUNY Press).