[ISEA95] Panel: Kharim Hogan – Digital Tools Panel: Creative Development and Developing Creativity Introduction

Panel Statement

Panel: Digital Tools

A painter needs many years to master the tools of painting; an electronic artist would not recognize the work environment after such a time span. How does one master the programming them themselves?

Not only do artists’ tools and palettes have their digital equivalents today, but these are being refined and enhanced at such an incredible pace that we are now constantly faced with having to learn and adapt to these new tools. Has this overwhelming technological flux caused artists to sacrifice time spent on design and conceptualization in order to keep abreast of new media and technology? Is it time to learn to create with what we have or should we continue to push the bounds, go beyond and create more tools? Is the issue that we actually do not today have the tools at our disposal to create the desired content or have we forgotten the content while focusing on the power and ultimate possibilities?

  • Kharim Hogan (Canada)┬áhas worked professionally in theatre, television, photography, audio and music. Most recently the Senior Software Designer of the New Media Research group at Banff Centre for the Arts where the focus was the development of authoring tools for artists, she is presently Head of Information Technology at the Canadian Centre for Architecture where such tools are being explored and used in the area of virtual exhibits.