[ISEA95] Panel: Michael Century – Artistic Identity Panel Intro

Panel Statement

As the net continues its exponential growth, it attracts more and more cultural experimentation in collective design and creation. In this context of “groupware”, what is the future of individual artistic identity? This panel interrogates the value of transient identity, of anonymity within datascapes, and the future of the distinct, unique artistic point of view.

  • Michael Century, Canada, is program director of the Networked Cultural Information Systems (NCIS) group at the Canadian Centre for Information Technology Innovation(CITI). Formerly he worked at the Banff Centre of the Arts, where he founded the media arts program. Classically-trained as a pianist, conductor and historical musicologist, he has performed and produced the music of a wide range of 20th century composers, including Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Berio, Feldman, Cage, and Schafer. His personal work in computer-assisted music performance explores real-time transformation of speech sounds.