[ISEA95] Workshop: Rob Fisher & Timothy Duffield – Computer Assisted Sculpture

Workshop Statement

A workshop/demonstration of the use of computers in sculpture. A variety of sculptors will demonstrate aspects of their work on a broad range of platforms (SGI, Mac, Pentium, Amiga). Each artist will give a group presentation for 30 minutes and for the rest of the session will discuss their the approach and technique in depth.

  • Rob Fisher [1939-2006] (USA) was an internationally recognized sculptor, author and lecturer and a pioneer in the application of the computer to large-scale sculpture. He has received many commissions throughout the U.S.A., Japan and Saudi Arabia. He was a research fellow at the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was Artistic Director of the “Living Cell” project, a group-immersive, interactive visualization event for planetariums. groundsforsculpture.org/artists/robfisher
  • Timothy Duffield (UK) has created many public sculptures throughout the USA . He uses the computer to design sculpture and to visualize how it will fit in an existing site. This has led to a fascination with three-dimensional animation as an end in itself. He is also a landscape architect and, as Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, is exploring the use of the computer in terrain modeling.