[ISEA95] Institutional Presentation: Nils Aziosmanoff & Florent Aziosmanoff – ART 3000 (Paris)

Institutional Presentation Statement

Founded in 1988, Art 3000 is the first French creative artists association in France dedicated to new technologies. It promotes and disseminates new forms of creation by organizing events, publishing NOV’ART magazine and managing a Minitel site (3615 ART 3000). It supports computer graphics art, multimedia and virtual reality through workshops and it develops numerous partnerships with industry leaders and research laboratories. Its “Author’s Rights Laboratory” closely follows the evolution of copyrights in the area of new technologies.

  • Nils Aziosmanoff (France), Founder and President of Art 3000, he is an Art & New Technology consultant reporting to: the Ministry of Culture of France (Multimedia Steering Committee); the European Commission (DGIII);¬†the Cultural Affairs Department of the Conseil de l’Europe; the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA) and the Institut International de (‘Image et du Son (1115). He is also Vice-President of Club Challenge-Plus of Groupe HEC, representing some fifty high-technology corporations. A musician, he is also Director of the Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse of Jouy-en-Josas since 1991.
  • Florent¬†Aziosmanoff (France) is producer of audiovisual works. He is the Founder and Director of NOV’ART magazine (new forms of music, image, shows); founder, vice-president and director of Art 3000, where he plans events about computer graphics, multi¬≠disciplinary shows and multimedia. Presently researching an off line/on line edition of the magazine.