[ISEA2008] Curator Statement: Irene Hediger – Lucid Fields

Curator Statement

Media Artworks by Swiss Artists-in-Labs                                                                                                 An exhibition of media art works selected from the Swiss Artists-In-Labs residency programme funded by the Ministry of Culture in Switzerland. Seven media artists re-interpret and question research about Artificial Intelligence, engineering, environmental science, human disease and biotechnology. Lucid Fields is about the hidden and factual fields: a ‘reality jam’ that exists in science today between ‘truths’ rather than between fictions.

Artworks included:

  1. Hina Struver & Marri Wuthrich — Regrowing Eden
  2. Dominique Bastianello — Where in the World am I
  3. Hina & Matti — Performance
  4. Pablo Ventura — Rubic’s Cube

See alsoIrene Hediger & Jill Scott — Artistsinlabs: Reality Jamming between Lucid Fields of Practice

  • Curated by Irene Hediger, a curator who is currently Co-Director of the Swiss artists-in-labs programme at the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.