[ISEA94] Artist Statement: Lukka Tiensuu – Sound of Life: A Radiophonic Composition

Artist Statement

Living sound – life of sound – sound of life.                                                                                            The myth of sound as sign of life – of music as symbol of life.                                                    Musica speculativa.                                                                                                                                Music for man, in spite of man.                                                                                                          Music of signs – significant music.                                                                                                        Moving sounds – sound movies.                                                                                                            Fire, air, water, earth as instruments in the orchestra of life.                                                        Panta Rhei.

Duration 20′.

  • Jukka Tiensuu (1948) is one of the internationally best known Finnish instrumentalists; as a harpsichordist, pianist, conductor and composer; he is often associated with the musical avant-garde. Yet his repertoire is exceptionally broad – he has also steeped himself in the study of authentic performance of early works. Tiensuu has concerted in the U.S., Asia, and in most European countries. He has lead courses on both Barocque and contemporary music. Tiensuu’s own composing output extends from solo works for the kantele (zither-like Finnish folk instrument) to choral and orchestral compositions, from pieces for accordion ensemble to electronic and computer music.