[ISEA94] Artist Statement: Michael Rosas Cobian – Urbis 4

Artist Statement

When I first heard the word “audio-clip” I was immediately interested and decided to do something about it, and while looking through raw material, considering a series of “clips” I proceded to make a “run” with some sounds which had their source on a series of works under the general title of URBIS which related to popular culture, with modern day myths etc. The “run” surprised me in its powerful inmediacy so much so, that I could not bring myself to do anything else to it, and in spite of formally composing some further clips, I had to send out this clip as it happened, under the stream of conciousness principle.

I must gratefully acknowledge three sounds that I use in this clip which were originally made by my colleague and friend Jeremy Arden and given to me while we were collaborating on a joint composition. Urbis was composed and realized in 1993 at home workstation. Duration 3′.

  • Michael Rosas Cobian born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1953. Studied and worked throughout the American continent and was involved in what is loosely termed “fusion music”. In 1979, he moved to Europe. Since 1982 M. Rosas Cobian has devoted himself to composition full-time. Now he lives and works in London. His works are regularly performed and broadcast internationally, and he has been the recipient of prizes and awards. Besides orchestral, chamber and electroacoustic music, he has composed music for experimental films, dance and theatre, which stems from a deep held belief in multimedia, collaborative and inter-disciplinary projects.