[ISEA94] Introduction: Tuula Arkio – Welcoming Address

Introductory Statement

Tuula Arkio: Welcoming Address

Jon Rose: Violin Music in the Age of Shopping – interrupted improvisations around the Museum

The ISEA94 Art Exhibition organizing committee consisted of:

  • Asko Mäkelä
  • Päivi Talasmaa
  • Jukka Mallinen
  • Maija Elo
  • Erkki Huhtamo

The Art Show of ISEA94 is an international exhibition of cutting-edge electronic art projects. The 29 projects of the show display a variety of techniques and styles, with emphasis on interactive, t€elematic and network technologies and a thematic focus on Women and Technology, Media Archaeology, Collective/Personal Memory – not to mention the humorous aspects of today’s technology.

  • Tuula Arkio, Director,Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland